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Dr. Heninger employs minimally invasive Tenex techique for foot pain treatment:

April 30, 2015


Once the source of your tendon pain is identified, the home foot doctor numbs the area with a local anesthetic, allowing you to stay awake the entire time. Many people say after the numbing process—which feels like a bee sting—they felt only a slight pressure during the procedure (if they felt anything at all). Your doctor then uses gentle ultrasonic energy designed to safely breakdown and remove the damaged tissue. The ultrasonic energy is applied with the TX MicroTip, which requires only a microincision to reach the damaged tissue. Because the incision is so small and the ultrasonic energy precisely treats only the damaged tendon tissue, the surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed.



Recovery is rapid with many people being back to normal life within 6 weeks or less. Because the surrounding healthy tissue is not disturbed, and no stitches or general anesthesia is required.


Dr. Heninger explores advancing biologics to assist with healing:

June 19, 2015

Traditional treatments include cortisone injections, physical therapy and prescription shoe inserts. Doctor Heninger offers a state-of-the art-treatment called AmnioFix injection.

AmnioFix injection consists of human amniotic membrane graft in a powder form that is mixed with an anesthetic for injection into the injured area.

It contains growth factors that reduce inflammation, decrease scar tissue formation and heal the micro-tearing going on in the tissues.

World Class Physician

Board certified Dr. Heninger has extensive training and exprience in treating many foot and ankle pathologies in both in the clinic and operating room. After many years in the traditional practice settings he has decided to deliver his care directly to the public in the comforts of their own home for a more patient centered model. By personlising your care in such a way, he can take more time, and direct more attention to explaining your problem and develop a thorough treatment plan specific to you.

Diagnostic Imaging:

Dr. Heninger is able to order, review, and guide you with all types of imaging modalities such as MRI, X-ray, and Ultrasound.


Ultrasound has a large spectrum of diagnostic values that can easily be made mobile and thus utilized at your home where indicated.


- Platelet Rich Protien Injections for Plantar Fasciitis and Achillies Tendonitis 


- Utilizing the Newest Biologic Stem Cell Techniques to deliever non-operative solutions


- Emergency Ingrown Toenail Removal

- 24/7 treatment options for foot and ankle injuries


- Custom Functional Foot Orthotics


- Neuromas


- Ankle Sprains

Tenex minimally invasive procedure


CLARIX FLO | Human Amniotic Membrane and Umbilical Cord Matrix

CLARIX FLO can be used to replace or supplement damaged or inadequate integumental tissue

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